Sample Menus

Our chefs will cater to your wedding reception requirements with imagination and flair. There is a range of menu packages to choose from to suit every theme, taste and budget.

Elements of Love 2018 Nine Course Dinner Menu
Please Select One Option from Each Course

Renaissance’s Five Happiness Platter
Sun-dried Scallop Broth, Sea Treasure or
Scallop with Mushroom, Bean Curd Pottage or
Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop & Fresh Ginseng
Buttered Chicken Fillet, Mayonnaise Chili-Thai Dressing or
Succulent Roasted Chicken, Spicy Minced Garlic or
Roasted Chicken with Golden Chopped Almond, Garlic & Preserved Turnips
Steamed Grouper in Premium Soy, Minced Garlic & Cilantro or
Steamed Patin Fish with Sliced Ginger, Cilantro or
Steamed Live Green Sea Garoupa 'Cantonese' Style
Stir-fried Prawns with Mixed Capsicum & Celery or
Grilled Prawns with Golden Spicy Minced Garlic or
Simmered Tiger Prawns in Chinese Herbal Essence
Mushroom, Fungi Abalone, Sun-dried Scallop & Greens or
Fu Kwei Abalone with Seasonal Vegetables or
Braised Assorted Mushroom, Bean Curd Roll & Vegetables
Wok-fried Rice, Golden Garlic, Diced Chicken, Silver Anchovies or
Crab Meat Fried Rice with Straw Mushroom & Garlic Chip or
Braised Noodles with Three Variety of Meat
Pak Nin Ho Hup or
Warm Soy Bean with Gingko Nuts, Snow Fungus & Barley or
Chilled Honey Lemon with Lotus Seeds, Fungus and Dried Longan
Yin Yang Pancake or Wedding Fancy Duets

Melodies of Love 2018 Nine Course Dinner Menu
Please Select One Option Option from Each Course

Combination of Deluxe Appertizer
Abalone, Shredded Duck & Seafood Bouillon or
Double Boiled Consomme, Fish Maw, Mushroom, Dried Scallop, Vegetables or
Four Treasure Broth with Sliced Abalone, Bamboo Pith, Scallop & Fish Maw
Pipa Chicken or
Signature Roasted Duck with Herb Jus or
Poached Herbal Chicken with Ginseng Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Steamed Silver Pomfret or Cod Fillet or Live Garoupa with cooking method:
Onion, Ginger Cream & Chili Padi or
Teow Chew Style or
Home Made Soy Sauce & Parsley or
Ginger Puree & Preserved Vegetable
Grilled Prawns with Home Made Soy, Shallot or
Baked Live Tiger Prawns with Butter, Curry Leaves & Oat or
Wok-fried Prawns with Asparagus in XO Sauce
Greens Dumpling with Sun-dried Scallop & Asparagus or
Stuffed White Cabbage & Hong Kong Kai Lan or
'Sang Kang' Dumpling & Summer Greens in Conpoy
Golden Fried Rice with Seafood, Crab Roe & Vegetables or
Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice or
Pan-fried Egg Noodles with Superior Seafood
Double Boiled Glutinous Dumpling with Ginseng Roots or
Chilled Sea Coconuts with Pear, Water Chestnuts & Fungus or
Warm Sweetened Red Bean Puree, Glutinous Rice Ball
Yin Yang Pancake or Wedding Fancy Duets

Premium Elegance 2018 Nine Course Dinner Menu
Please Select One from Each Course

Renaissance's Appertizer Delights
Double Boiled Superior Broth with Cordyceps Flower, Sea Whelk & Fish Maw or
Lobster Bisque with Prawns, Scallop, Crabmeat & Bamboo Pith or
Fish Maw Broth, Dried Sea Food & Ying Yang Scallop
Steamed Chicken with Ham, Mushroom, Ginger in Lotus Leaf or
Pipa Duck or
Poached Farm Chicken with Cordyceps & Ginseng
Steamed Bamboo Fish in Light Soy & Cilantro or
Baked Cod Fillet with Preserved Vegetables or
Steamed Live Tiger Dragon Grouper Cantonese Style
Stir-fried Scallops with Fresh Mushrooms & Asparagus or
Baked Prawns with Cheese & White Prawns in Chili Salsa or
Sweet & Sour Dragon Beard with Prawns, Szechuan Garlic Spiced Prawns
Sun-dried Scallops, Seafood Dumpling & Asparagus Greens or
Abalone, Mushroom & Hong Kong Greens or
Stuffed Bean Curd Roll, 'Pai Ling' Mushroom & Cabbage
Egg Noodles, Ginger & Scallion Prawns or
Prosperity Fried Rice or
Wok-fried Rice with Scallop & Spring Onion
(Select two types of Chinese Desserts)
Almond Tea with Glutinous Rice Ball or
Chilled Aloe Vera, Water Chestnuts & Dried Sugar Cane or
Double Boiled Soya Bean, Papaya & Red Date
Yin Yang Pancake or Wedding Fancy Duets
(Select one Western Dessert)
Chocolate Fudge Cake with Fresh Strawberry Salad or
Pandan Layer Cake with Sugar Crisps or
Green Tea Cheese Tartlet with Mango Ice Cream or

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